You’ve got the questions…
What is beverage catering exactly?
We are uniquely qualified to answer this question, as Bartenders Unlimited (BU) is the 'original beverage caterer'. In fact, we coined the term beverage catering.

In very simple terms, beverage catering means the provision and dispensing of beverages. However, a legitimate and comprehensive beverage caterer possesses a liquor license, meets all governmental criteria and carries sufficient insurance, including liquor liability and worker's compensation.

Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, a qualified and knowledgeable company maintains a staff of beverage experts and professional bartenders who will listen to their clients' needs and guide them to ensure they receive the desired result.
Why choose a beverage caterer?
There are specialists in every field; beverage catering is no exception.

The bar is integral in setting the tone of an event and is a pivotal point for socializing. Alcoholic beverages should be dispensed by professionals who are accustomed to responsibly monitor consumption.

In order to receive the utmost in service, the bar is better entrusted to those who are proficient in effecting focused bartending and beverage purveyance. Bartenders Unlimited has considerably more experience than anyone in our industry.
Do I need a liquor license for my party?
It all depends. If you provide your own alcoholic beverages then you do not. If you hire a third party to provide and dispense alcoholic beverages, then licensing of your event is mandatory in most cases. Even in my own home for a small private affair? Yes.
Do food caterers have liquor licenses?
Some do, but the vast majority do not. You can arrange for our services through your food caterer or event planner, or contract with us directly.
What type of events does BU accommodate?
We will accommodate virtually any type of event. For example: Anniversaries, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Birthdays, Brand Launches, Christenings, Concerts, Conventions, Exhibitions, Fashion Shows, Fundraisers, Gallery Showings, Grand Openings, Holiday Celebrations, Performances, Political Campaigns, Retirements, Reunions, Tournaments, Wedding Receptions, etc.
How many guests can BU accommodate?
We have provided our services to as few as 10 and as many as 100,0000 guests.
Where does BU provide its services?
We are available throughout California.
Can I use BU at a venue that offers bar services?
Frequently yes. Should you select a venue with in-house beverage provisions, there is generally a buy-out option. The cost of our services plus the buy-out is usually less expensive than the in-house service itself.
Can I use BU at a venue that has a liquor license?
Yes. If the licensee is amenable, they may surrender their license for the day, duration and/or specific location of your event, without cost or jeopardy to them.
Can I sell drinks at my event?
You can't, but someone with a liquor license can. Your event may not be open to the public and you may not participate in the proceeds. A legitimate non-profit organization may procure a one-day license under specific criteria.
Can we use our own products if we hire BU?
Sure. There are essentially two ways of handling this: 1. We can provide you with staff only (House Calls) or 2. We can provide you with everything sans beverages (Service & Equipment).
Will we run out of any product that BU supplies?
We guarantee that we will not run out of beverages in total. It is possible that one or more specific beverages could be depleted, though extremely rare. This can usually be avoided if we are given adequate information.
Do we retain unused products that BU supplied?
Generally not. Each event has a quoted price for an entire service that includes beverages consumed. An exception would be if you purchase a specific amount of wine and/or beer from us.
Does BU have a price list?
No. Each and every event is unique, necessitating us to quote on an individual basis. We can turnaround a quote in very little time, sometimes immediately.
Will the price per person change with guest count?
Almost always. If all else is equal and your guest count goes up then the price per person will go down. If your guest count goes down then the price per person will go up. We do not quote our prices on a per person basis. The guest count is just one of many variables in generating a proposal.
Are wine bars less expensive than full bars?
Not really. A bottle of wine yields fewer drinks than a bottle of distilled spirits. As such, a wine bar containing products of approximately the same value as the products in a full bar will be more expensive.
Will hard liquor inebriate guests faster or greater?
No. This is a common misconception. Drink for drink, a "normal" portioned cocktail, glass of wine and bottle of beer all induce intoxication at approximately the same rate. There is some inconclusive evidence that sparkling wine induces intoxication quicker. Bartenders Unlimited is an advocate of responsible alcohol consumption.